Why a Beauty Newsletter?

For a deeper sense of community, genuine connections and broadening horizons.

For the possibility to stray away from the social media pressure and its random algorithms and take in a more personalised, assertive and authentic approach on beauty, well-being and everything else that I find meaning in.

I am an artist who follows nature and intuition, rather than trends and techniques, and I aim to talk about and teach alternative ways of seeing and feeling beauty.

Furthermore, there are various aspects unspoken of, lurking inside all of us, or just taken for granted in the creative industry and beyond, and I am craving to discuss the details.

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For an easy access to diverse and insightful content, questions answered, and, hopefully, for making you feel less alone and more heard.

I will be sharing my experiences and thoughts on the industry, beauty tips, mindsets, but also my latest aha moments, insights into my holistic lifestyle and genuine recommendations, be it books, podcasts, products, places or people to follow. We’ll bring the heavy and spicy, but also the fun and colourful topics to the table.

These being said, I am more than keen on hearing your needs and suggestions.

Welcome and happy reading!

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Laura Onea

I am a holistic creative foraging for all things beauty, addicted to nature 🌳 matcha 🍵 and colours (in and out). 🎨 I am the girl with the brush, but also the one with the hiking boots. I am a dreamer and a rebel, and everything in between.